Shishir B.K.


Name:                                            Shishir B.K.
Date of Birth:                               December 31st, 2005                                    
Gender:                                         Male                                     

Address:                                       Halawar V.D.C.-4, Banahari, Dang, Nepal
School:                                         Eris Academy, Sovahti 14 Lalitpur, Nepal
Class:                                            Grade Four
Family Background:          Orphan

Father's Name:                             Govinda Bahadur B.K.

Occupation:                                  Deceased                           
Mother's Name:                            Sumitra B.K.                        

Occupation:                                  Second Marriage                          

Number of family members:        Two

Date of Admission to HOPAD:   January 31st, 2010

Cause of Admission

After his father's death, Shishir's mother remarried and abandoned her son. Shishir was left to be raised by his grandmother. Unfortunately, due to her old age and financial issues, his grandmother was unable to take proper care of him. He was ultimately referred to HOPAD by Halawar V.D.C., where he finally received the care, support and education that he needed.


Since his arrival at HOPAD, Shishir has been given the space and resources to explore all the aspects of life his examining mind is curious about. If something captures his interest, it is nearly impossible to get his mind off it. Although his curiosities used to be seldomly directed towards his school work, Shishir has become more and more studious and is a smart boy who is quick at solving problems of any kind.

Interests and Hobbies

Due to Shshir's active nature, he loves playing sports and games with the older children. Carron board, ping pong, and matching games are only a few of his favorites. Moreover, his approach to playing Judo has developed from being rather playful to ambitious and we expect him to do great in the future.


Shishir is a happy and energetic child who loves trying new things and his school marks have improved tremendously. Sports-wise, Shishir was 3rd in both the 1st and 2nd CONCIN Cup Inter-Homes Judo Competition, as well as in the 7th Ambika Bahadur Chhetri Memorial Valley wise CADET & JUNIOR JUDO Championship 2016. In Sambo, he became 2nd in the Sambo Championship on Olympic Day 2016.


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