Sima K.C.



Name:                                             Sima K.C.
Date of Birth:                 February 21st, 2003

Gender:                                           Female                                 
Address:                                         Hapur V.D.C. -5, Dang, Midwestern Region, Nepal

School:                                           Adarsha Saula Yubak Higher Secondary School,
                                                         Bungamati, Sainbu, Lalitpur

Class:                                              Grade Eight

Family Background:           Poor and Marginalized

Father's Name:                               Krishna K.C.

Occupation:                                    Laborer                     
Mother's Name:                              Dobanta K.C.                     

Occupation:                                    Care mother at HOPAD                    

Number of family members:          Two                      

Date of Admission to HOPAD:      March 9th, 2007                     


Cause of Admission:

After suffering through severe abuse by her father, Sima and her mother were abandoned by him. Due to Sima's mother's lack of education, it was impossible for her to earn a sufficient amount of money to tend to Sima's basic needs. Dobanta, Sima's mother, participated in the HOPAD women training program and is now working in the childrens' home as a care mother.


Before arriving at HOPAD, Sima was malnourished and unwilling to interact with others. However, over the years, Sima has flourished. She is doing well at school, interacting and communicating happily with her peers, and has a healthy, inquisitive mind.

Interests and Hobbies:

Besides homework, there are few things Sima doesn't like to do. When she is grown up, Sima aspires to become a social worker, establishing her own orphanage and caring for children in need. Otherwise, she would like to pursue a career as a singer or an artist of another kind, since she draws excellently. Due to her love for music, Sima is often found practising and teaching dance choreographies to her younger sisters during festival time - or at any other time of the year.


Sima has participated in and won several drawing, painting and handwriting contests over the years, conducted by Eris Academy, her former school, as well as competitions between childrens' homes. Like all of her siblings, Sima plays Judo and participates in competitions, she was Third in the 1st as well as in the 2nd Inter Children's Home Judo Championship, and scored Third in the 2nd Triyog Inter-School Judo Competition in 2016. She also became Third in the 3rd National SAMBO Championship back in 2014.


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  • Sima K.C.

    Sima is a beautiful, peace loving, kind individual. Her mous