Sarada Khatri



Name:                                                    Sarada Kumari Khatri          
Date of Birth:                                       July 2nd, 2001                         
Gender:                                                 Female                       
Address:                                               Halwar V.D.C. -3, Dang

:                                                 Adarsha Saula Yubak Higher Secondary School,
                                                               Bungamati, Sainbu, Lalitpur    
Class:                                                    Grade Nine          

Family Background:                  Poor and Marginalized
Father's Name
:                                     Chandra Bahadur Khatri

Occupation:                                          Farmer         
Mother's Name:                                    Kamala Kumari Khatri        

Occupation:                                          Farmer         

Number of family members:                Five                          

Date of Admission in HOPAD:            March 9th, 2007         


Cause of Admission:

Sarada was raised in an environment of poverty in the Midwestern region of Nepal. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother, who was a housewife back then, had no means to educate young Sarada. Struggling with extremely poor living conditions, Sarada's parents were not able to provide the necessary support for their children. Sarada was left to play in the streets with her siblings and their health condition quickly became unbearable. Sarada and her brother Himprawa were eventually sent to HOPAD to receive health care and an education.


When Sarada arrived at HOPAD she was sickly, shy, and anxious. Upon entering school, Sarada was having a hard time, especially struggling with English and Mathematics. However, over years, she has blossomed. She is now in grade nine and doing well in all her studies, even the ones she was once considered weak in. Sarada is an incredibly kind young lady with a rich sense of humor and one would never believe her to have been the helpless little girl she once was.


Interests and Hobbies:

Sarada has aspirations to become a Nurse. Her favorite subject in school is science. Outside of school, Sarada enjoys practicing judo, arts and crafts, using her creative imagination with friends, and has interests in learning to use computers. Sarada hopes to one day travel to Africa and China.



Sarada's biggest achievements lie in the field of Judo. She has taken part in and been awarded great positions in many competitions. The most recent ones being First place in the Cadet & Junior Judo Championship 2016, in which she was also awarded Best Player and Second place in the Necos - 4th All Nepal Judo Championship 2016. Moreover, she has travelled to India this year to participate in an international Judo competition.



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