Pushpa Bhandari


Name:                                           Pushpa Bhandari
Date of Birth:                              April 14th, 2000
Gender:                                        Female                                     
Address:                                      Sajwal Takura V.D.C.-8 Salyan, Nepal                         

School:                                        Adarsha Saula Yubak Higher Secondary School,
                                                      Bungamati, Sainbu, Lalitpur
Class:                                           Grade Seven                  

Family Background:          Poor and Disabled
Father's Name
:                            Juddha Bahadur Bhandari

Occupation:                                 Farmer                         
Mother's Name:                           Sumitra Bhandari                        

Occupation:                                 Housewife                         

Number of family members:       Thirteen

Date of Admission to HOPAD:  December 15th, 2009

Cause of Admission:

Pushpa was born into a family with a disabled father and a mother unable to care for her and her nine siblings. After having lost both of her feet in an accident when she was six months old, going to school presented more than just a challenge. She was admitted to HOPAD to receive a good education and the help she needed to live with her disability.


When Pushpa arrived at HOPAD she was malnourished and had great difficulty walking and moving around because of her deformed feet. However, over the years, Pushpa has learned how to take care of herself and has now become an independent young woman. Not only does Pushpa "make it" in life, but she thrives. She continously surprises the people around her with her ability to overcome every obstacle that life throws at her. Especially when it comes to Judo, where she easily outdoes all of her opponents, no matter whether disabled or not.

Interests and Hobbies:

When Pushpa is grown up, she wants to become a social worker and, in her words, "help the people who are orphans". But if she got the chance, she would become an Olympic Judo player to represent her country internationally. In her free time, Pushpa likes to play Badminton with her sisters, and listen to music. Her favourite subject is Science.


In sports, Pushpa exceeds in Judo. To name just a few, she was First in the Necos - 4th All Nepal Judo Championship 2016, as well as in the Cadet & Junior Judo Championship 2016 and the 2nd CWCN International Judo Championship 2016. Moreover was she recognized on National Children's Day September 14th, 2012 by the Ministry of Women, Children, and Social Welfare Central Children Welfare Board for her bravery and excellence in Judo.


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