Priya Limbu



Name:                                                       Priya Limbu
Date of Birth:                                          November 30th, 1997                          
Gender:                                                    Female                       
Address:                                                  Raja Rani V.D.C.-6 Dhankuta, Nepal           

College:                                                    Alka Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Bagdol, Lalitpur    

Family Background:                Unknown
Father's Name
:                                        Unknown

Occupation:                                            Unknown                          
Mother's Name:                                       Unknown                         

Occupation:                                             Unknown                         

Number of family members:                   Four

Cause of Admission:

At a young age, Priya's father left Priya and her mother. Priya's mother struggled to support her but was unsuccessful and ultimately had to go to live with her mother's brother. Unfortunately, Priya's uncle became disabled and was unable to work or support Priya. Priya was referred to HOPAD by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City-34 Sinagamgal Kathmandu where she is currently receiving a quality education.



Since arriving to HOPAD, Priya has become an independent, self motivated, driven young woman. Being the eldest of the girls, Priya finds it her duty to set a good example for all the younger children. She is always tending to everyone else's needs before her own but this never discourages her. Priya takes everything in her stride, always with a smile on her face.


Interests and Hobbies:

Priya aspires to be a nurse. In school, Priya was very active in extracurricular activities. She often stayed after school to complete projects or to practice with the dance team. Outside of school, Priya is a peace seeker. She can often be found in the quiet spaces of the house, reading, drawing, or working on homework. Priya also enjoys practicing judo with all her brothers and sisters.



In school, Priya is an exemplary student. She has skipped two classes and is also first in her class.  In sports, Priya was 3rd in the South Asian Cadet Judo Championship 2011,  2nd in the 1st CONCIN Cup 2011, 1st in the 2nd CONCIN Cup 2012, 2nd in the NECOS All Nepal Judo Association National Judo Championship 2012, 2nd in the 1st National SAMBO Championship 2011, and 2nd in the 2nd National SAMBO Championship 2012. Other achievements Priya has been recognized for: OCCED National Inter-Homes Talent Hunt 2010 Participant, 1st in Eris Academy drawing competition 2010, 3rd in the Sprint and Sack Race 2010, 2nd in the Spoon and Marble Race 2010, and Participant in the Global School Participation Program.


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