Prakash Nepali



Name:                                                       Prakash Nepali
Date of Birth:                                          June 25th, 2010                                     
Gender:                                                    Male                                     
Address:                                                  Born In Alka Hospital, Lalitpur                       

School:                                                    N/A                                         
Class:                                                       N/A

Family Background:                               Orphan (abandoned by mother)
Father's Name
:                                        Unknown

Occupation:                                            Unknown                         
Mother's Name:                                       Rinku (according to hospital records)

Occupation:                                            Unknown                        

Number of family members:                  Unknown

Health:                                                     Good and Healthy

Child Status:                                           Verified Full Orphan


Causes to Admit to HOPAD

Prakash was abandoned by his mother in the hospital after his birth. After the hospital attempted to locate his mother, family members, or someone willing to care for Prakash, he was ultimately referred to HOPAD by the hospital.

Changes after Admission to HOPAD

Prakash has been with us at HOPAD almost since his birth. During those two years he has progressed naturally as all infants transitioning into childhood do. He is now walking, talking, and extremely active. Prakash is also very curious and loves exploring the house and all its members.

Interests and Hobbies

Prakash enjoys playing games with the smaller children and loves being interacting with the older children. His curiosity often gets him into mischief every now and again, but all in all his smiling, pleasant demeanor makes him a joy to be around.



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