Padam Nepali



Name:                                          Padam Nepali

Age:                                              December 10th, 2004                                      
Gender:                                        Male                                     
Address:                                      Jaire V.D.C -8 Humla, Karnali, Nepal

School:                                         Eris Academy, Sovahti 14 Lalitpur, Nepal

Class:                                           Class Two (2)

Family Background:                   Poor and Needy
Father's Name
:                            Mansing Nepali

Occupation:                                 Farmer                          
Mother's Name:                           Mangli Nepali                         

Occupation:                                 Housewife                       

Number of family members:       Five (5)

Health:                                          Healthy (Chronic Dry Skin)

 Child Status:                               Dalit and Disabled Group                      


Causes to Admit to HOPAD

Padam was found by the Jaire V.D.C. living in unfit conditions. Padam and his parents were a part of the lower case and struggled to make ends meet. Padam was receiving no education and his parents were deemed unfit to care for Padam. Padam was referred to HOPAD by the Central Children's Welfare Board where he is now receiving all the things to create a bright future for himself.


Changes after Admission to HOPAD

Since his arrival to HOPAD, Padam has taken up the role as "Mr. Consistent". Padam is always conscience of his school work and his makes in school. He never has to be reminded to do anything. When he needs help with something he always finds the person who can aid him and when he gets off task it only takes a simple reminded to get him back on track. Padam is well on his way to becoming a strong willed, independent young man.


Interests and Hobbies

Padam is a very well rounded boy. He takes pride and joy in his school work, especially when it has drawing involved. Outside of school, Padam enjoys playing sports and games with his brothers, but Carron board is his clear favorite. Saturdays he can be found hustling anyone who is willing to sit next to the board for the five minutes it takes for him to brutally beat them.


Achievements in HOPAD

1st in the 2nd International Martial Arts Festival 2011, 1st CONCIN Cup 2nd 2011, 2nd CONCIN Cup Inter Children's Home 3rd 2012


Padam is an extremely bright boy who receives high marks in his class. His thirst for knowledge is constantly increasing and often seeks out extra school activities to complete. In sports, Padam placed 1st in the 2nd International Martial Arts Festival 2011, 2nd in the 1st CONCIN Cup Inter Children's Home Championships 2011, and 3rd in the 2nd CONCIN Cup Inter Children's Home Championships 2012.


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