Name:                                               Misan
Date of Birth:                                   26th April, 2002 (According to Police Report)
Gender:                                             Male
Address:                                           HOPAD Child and Women Promotion Society
School:                                              Eris Academy, Sovahiti -14 Lalitpur, Nepal.
Class:                                                Six (6)

Family Background:                        Unknown
Father's Name:

Occupation:                                      Unknown
Mother's Name:                                Unknown
Occupation:                                      Unknown
Number of family members:            4 (according to Misan)
Date of Admission in HOPAD:        26th April, 2007.

Referred by:                                      Community Police Service Centre Tikhedewal 14 Lalitpur.

Referred on:                                      26th April 2007

Date of News Publication:               30th April, 2007

Health:                                               Good & Healthy

Child Status:                                     Verified Full Orphan


Causes to Admit to HOPAD:

Misan was abandoned by his mother four years prior to his arrival at HOPAD. Misan has no recollection of his father and all he knew of his home was that was a small remote village. Upon arrival, Misan was very weak and would often weep uncontrollably. Misan was recommended to HOPAD by the Community Police Service Centre in Tikhedewal 14, Lalitpur.

Changes after Admission to HOPAD:

Since his admission to HOPAD, Misan has truly blossomed. Unlike the weak, weeping child he entered as, Misan has become a driven, peace loving young man. He often the first to begin his studies and is always ready and willing to aid his brothers and sisters with their work as well. With aspirations to be a doctor, Misan is very academically driven. 


Interests and Hobbies:

 When Misan is not studying, he can be found with his nose in a book. He also loves playing football, chess, ping pong, and practicing judo with his friends. With a very peaceful demeanor, Misan is never seen physically or verbally harming anyone. His dream is to become a professional football player. But if that doesn't work out, he would like to be a doctor. Misan is also a closet artist and enjoys drawing all his favorite anime characters.  

Achievements in HOPAD:

Misan is currently ranked 5th in his class and has worked hard to resolve his weakness in Nepali Studies. He is currently reading in Class 6 and scored a 79% in his last exams. 1st in school Carron Board Competition 2008, 1st in the leg combine race 2008 and 2007,  2nd in the Spoon and Marble race 2007,  2nd in the Cycle race 2007,1st in the Eris Academy School Three-legged Race 2010, 1st in the Eris Academy School Drawing Championship 2011 and 2008, 1st in the Eris Academy School Potato Rally Race 2010. As far as sports and competitions are concerned, Misan was 1st in the 2nd National Inter-Homes Painting Competition 2010,  Youngest Player Award in the All Nepal Chess Tournament 2011, and 3rd is 2nd Concin Cup Championship 2012.


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