Gobinda Bista


Name:                                                 Gobinda Bista
Date of Birth:                                     3th June 1997
Gender:                                               Male
Address:                                             VDC Chhabang-6, Rukum
School:                                               Eris Academy, Sovahiti -14 Lalitpur, Nepal. 
Class:                                                  Five (5)
Family Background:                          Orphan

Father’s Name:                                   Bhim Bahadur Bista (abounded by father)

Occupation:                                        Farmer
Mother’s Name:                                   Lola Bista (diseased)
Number of family members:              One Older Brother

Date of Admission in HOPAD:           22th November 2010

Referred By                                         Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare Central Children Welfare Board

Health                                                  Good & Healthy

Causes to Admit to HOPAD

After the death of his biological mother, Gobinda's father remarried and abandoned Gobinda and his brother. Gobinda's bother was able to find work in India and left Gobinda to fend for himself in Kathmandu. The Eastern Minister found Gobinda and promised to give him a home and a quality education but instead took him to his home in the city and abused Gobinda as a domestic servant. Shortly after his arrival at the Eastern Minister's house, Gobinda ran away to escape his suppressive guardian. While living on the streets, ABC television found him and broadcasted Gobinda's story. Gobinda was taken in by the Ministry of Women, Children, And Social Organization, a sect of the Central Children Welfare Board. He was then referred to HOPAD where he could receive the love and care needed to created a bright and successful future.

Changes after Admission to HOPAD

Since his admittance into HOPAD, Gobinda has grown exponentially. When he first arrived he was a scared, malnourished boy. Now, Gobinda is well on his way to being an independent, successful young man. With his talkative and friendly personality he has made many friends, both at HOPAD and at school. Moreover, he is taking on many household responsibilities and can often be seen taking care of the younger children.


Interests and Hobbies

In his free time, Gobinda can be seen playing footing, badminton, chess, and practicing judo. His dream, like many of the boys his age, is to become a professional football player. He is a big fan of Cristiano Renaldo and the Real Madrid Football team. In school, his favorite subjects are math and social science. Although not his favorite, he excels in reading, writing, and speaking English.

Achievements While at HOPAD

In school, Gobinda is the Class 5 captain and excels in English. He also scored 79% in his last exams. In sports, Gobinda has placed 3rd in the 1st Nekosh National Judo Championship 2011, 3rd in the 1st Concin Cup 2011, 1st in the Eris Academy Crab Race 2012, and 2nd in the 2nd Concin Cup 2012.


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