Gautam G.C.



Name:                                                        Gautam G.C.
Date of Birth:                                            December 13th, 2001             
Gender :                                                     Male             
Address:                                                    Tusara V.D.C. -2, Pyuthan                              

School                                                       Eris Academy, Sovahiti -14 Lalitpur, Nepal
Class:                                                         Class Five (5)             

Family Background:                                 Poor and Needy
Father's Name:
                                          Bir Bahadur G.C.  

Occupation:                                               Part-time Laborer
Mother's Name:                                         Yamuna G.C.
Occupation:                                               Part-time Laborer
Number of family members:                     Five

Date of Admission in HOPAD:                  6th, April 2007

Referred by:                                               Tusara V.D.C. Pyuthan

Referred on:                                               6th, April 2007

Date of News Publication:                        Unknown

Health:                                                        Good and Healthy

Child Status:                                              Poor and Needy

Causes to Admit to HOPAD

At a young age, Gautam's home was damaged so badly that his family could no longer live in it. His parents moved in with their neighbors and the children lived outside the home. Due to the remote location in which they were living, Gautam's parents had no education or the ability to give their children an education. Gautam and his siblings were homeless for three years before conflict force the family to relocate and Gautam condition of living was noticed by the V.D.C. It was then Gautam was referred to HOPAD to ensure his health and wellbeing.


Changes after Admission to HOPAD

Upon arrival to HOPAD, Gautam was a malnourished, reserved child. He had many issues speaking and interacting with other children. However, over the years at HOPAD, Gautam has opened himself up to the world and is no longer shy about flashing his famous full faced smile. He is also one of the most articulate children in the house.


Interests and Hobbies

Gautam excels in his classes and has aspirations to be a school teacher. His favorite subjects in school are Science and Math. When not in school, Gautam can be found playing football, table tennis, chess, and practicing judo.


Achievements in HOPAD

In school, Gautam excels in his class work. Also in school competitions, Gautam placed 1st in the school drawing competition 2011, 1st in the school Problem Solving Race, and was an Excellent Participant in Children's Dream of Nation 2011. In sports, Gautam placed 1st in the South Asian Cadet Judo Championship National Selection Games 2011, 3rd in the South Asian Cadet Judo Championship 2011, 3rd in the 1st CONCIN Cup 2011, and 3st in the 2nd CONCIN Cup 2012.


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