Dhandevi Rokaya


Name:                                                Dhan Devi Rokaya
Date of Birth:
                                    4th May 2002
Gender:                                              Female
Address:                                            VDC Jayre, Humla
School:                                              Eris Academy, Sovahiti -14 Lalitpur, Nepal.
Class:                                                 Four (4)

Family Background:                         Poor and Needy

Father's Name:                                  Rama Rokaya (deceased)

Occupation:                                       Unknown
Mother's Name:                                 Ubji Rokaya (deceased)
Occupation:                                       Unknown
Number of family members:             Older Brother (location unknown)

Date of Admission in HOPAD:          8th March 2009

Referred By                                        Social Central Children Welfare

                                                             Board and VDC Jayre, Humla

Health                                                  Good & Healthy

Child Status                                       Verified Full Orphan


Causes to Admit to HOPAD  

 Dhandevi's arrive to HOPAD March 8th after her parents died of cancer. After the death of her parents, Dhandevi lived briefly with a distant relative who physically abused her. Not much else is known of her upbringing or living conditions prior to admittance to HOPAD. Dhandevi was referred to HOPAD by VDC Jayre, Humla and the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, Central Children Welfare Board.

Changes after admission to HOPAD

Before Dhandevi arrived to HOPAD she was malnourished, weak, and had many bodily wounds. Due to previous living conditions, Dhandevi was very shy and reserved. However, since her arrival to HOPAD, Dhandevi has opened up to become graceful young lady. She showers all around her with her simple giggles and loving smiles.

Interests and Hobbies

 Dhandevi has aspirations to be a pilot so she can deliver aid to remote villages in Nepal. In school, her favorite subject is science and takes pleasure in doing extra science work at home. Dhandevi is a social butterfly who enjoys spending time with her friends, practicing judo, and reading. 


Achievements in HOPAD

Dhandevi scored 71% on her last exams and excels in science and mathematics. Outside of school, Dhandevi placed 2nd in the 1st South Asian Cadet Judo Championship 2011, 2nd in the 1st Concin Cup 2011, 3rd in the Material Arts Festival 2011, and 1st in the 2nd Concin Cup 2012.


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