Dev Lohar



Name:                                               Dev Lohar   
Date of Birth:                                   July 28th, 1999
Gender:                                             Male
Address:                                           Unknown
School:                                             Eris Academy, Sovahiti -14 Lalitpur, Nepal.
Class:                                                Class Three (3)

Family Background:                        Unknown
Father's Name:

Occupation:                                      Unknown
Mother's Name:                                Unknown
Occupation:                                      Unknown
Number of family members:            Unknown

Health:                                               Good & Healthy

Child Status:                                    Verified Full Orphan


Causes to Admit to HOPAD

There is not much known in regards to Dev's history prior to his arrival to HOPAD. Dev was found in the streets and referred to HOPAD by Ministry of Women and Children and Social Welfare Central Child Welfare Board, Nepal to receive life's basic amenities and a hope for a better future.

Changes after Admission to HOPAD

Upon arrival to HOPAD, Dev was malnourished and rough around the edges. The transition from living in the streets to HOPAD was hard for Dev. There was a clear difference between the ways the other children treated him. Dev would also show anger more readily than the other children, further out casting himself. However, after a few months, the children began to more accepting of Dev. He started attending school and slowly his rough edges and his anger began to smooth away. Dev is now dedicated to his studies and creating a better future for himself.


Interests and Hobbies

Dev finds many of his interests in the form of sports and games. In his free time he can be seen bouncing between playing football, table tennis, carrin board, and practicing judo. His favorite subject in school in science but still wants to become a professional football player when he gets older.


Achievements in HOPAD

In school, Dev continues to do well. His curiosity for his studies is growing as time continues. In sports, Dev is increasing is strength and stamina in Judo and always aspires to better himself.


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