Bishal Khatri



Name:                                            Bishal Khatri

Age:                                               March 31st, 2007
Gender:                                         Male                                    
Address:                                       Unknown                        

School:                                          Eris Academy, Sovahti 14 Lalitpur, Nepal
Class:                                            Kindergarten 1 (KG1)                        

Family Background:                    Unknown   
Father's Name
:                             Unknown

Occupation:                                  Unknown                        
Mother's Name:                            Unknown                         

Occupation:                                  Unknown                        

Number of family members:        Unknown                          

Health:                                           Good and Healthy                       

Child Status:                                 Verified Full Orphan                     

Causes to Admit to HOPAD:

Bishal was found in the streets and referred by the Central Child Welfare Board to HOPAD due to his weak, malnourished, sickly state. Bishal also arrived with a badly broken leg. There is little known as to how he became orphaned and on the streets due to Bishal's age and inability to communicate when he was found. 


Changes after Admission to HOPAD:

Upon arrival to HOPAD, Bishal was malnourished, weak, and had a badly broken leg. He was unable to communicate easily with staff members and was very reserved and shy. Since arriving to HOPAD, Bishal's leg has healed nicely and he has greatly opened himself up to the home. Although his English is lacking, he can easily communicate with all in Nepali.


Interests and Hobbies:

Bishal shows much interest in sports. Although he is not old enough to become a member of the HOPAD judo team, he can often be found copying the moves around the house throughout the day. There is no doubt he will be a national champion like his older brothers and sisters. Bishal also enjoys playing Carron Board, ping pong, and football.


  • Shishir B.K.

    Shishir is an energetic and curious, if sometimes mischievou
  • Sima K.C.

    Sima is a beautiful, peace loving, kind individual. Her mous