Anita G.C.


Name:                                            Anita G.C.
Date of Birth:                                April 28th, 2003                                
Gender:                                          Female                              
Address:                                        Narikot, P.D.C. -9 Ramkhola, Pyuthan                  

School                                           Eris Academy, Sovahti 14 Lalitpur, Nepal                   
Class:                                             Class One (1)                  

Family Background:                     Poor and Needy
Father's Name
:                              Binod G.C.

Occupation:                                   Deceased                    
Mother's Name:                             Kamala G.C.                  

Occupation:                                  Second Marriage                 

Number of family members:        Two (2)                         

Health:                                            Good and Healthy              

Child Status:                                 Verified Full Orphan                 


Causes to Admit to HOPAD

After the death of her father, who was working in India, Anita's mother abandoned Anita and older brother to get remarried. While living with her Uncle, Anita was not being attended to properly. She was not attending school, being looked after, and had no stable home to return to. Due to these conditions, Anita was referred to HOPAD by Narikot P.D.C.


Changes after Admission to HOPAD

Upon arrival, Anita was extremely malnourished, scared, and very reserved. She could not communicate well making it difficult to comfort her.  In the years since, however, Anita has become a vibrant part of the HOPAD home. She is receiving excellent marks in school, can openly communicate in both Nepali and English, and has opened up her naturally loving demeanor up to the world. She is a favorite to all her friends and family members here at HOPAD.


Interests and Hobbies

Anita aspires to be a teacher when she gets older. When not in school, Anita enjoys practicing judo, playing with dolls, singing, dancing, and playing with the older girls.


Achievements in HOPAD

In school, Anita is an excellent student. She has a great understanding power and she is a quick learner. Anita has greatly improved her English and is progressing in Class One nicely. In sports, Anita is a Judo Cadet Player, placing 2nd in the 2nd CONCIN Cup Inter Children's Home Judo Championship 2012, 3rd in the 1st CONCIN Cup Inter Children's Home Judo Championship 2011. Anita is also a participant in the school level games program offered at Eris Academy.


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