Thank You!

Thank You! From HOPAD


Give Thanks and Praise

HOPAD would like to extend the deepest appreciation to all those whom have helped HOPAD over the years. Without the love and support from you, The HOPAD Program would be impossible run and maintain. It's is impossible to say or show how much your support has affected the women and children of Nepal that needed your help the most. From the bottom of our hearts here at HOPAD, we thank you!


Continue Supporting and Share

There are many ways to support HOPAD and we welcome anyone who would like to lend a hand. True support comes not from the pocket or wallet, but from the heart. View all the HOPAD Programs and find a program that speaks to you. You can also view the Support section to find out all the ways you can extend a helping hand. Most importantly, share us with friends and family. Many hands make light work. If we all contribute small amounts of effort, the burden is lifted off the individual. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to including you in the future. 


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