Sponsor a HOPAD Child

The HOPAD Child Sponsorship Program


The Sponsoring Process

First, all potential sponsors must make sure they are prepared to commit fully to the sponsorship. By committing to sponsor a HOPAD child, the sponsor is agreeing to support said child for the duration of their education.* If for some reason a sponsor commits to funding a child and fails to do so, it could be extremely detrimental to the well being of that child. Once the sponsor has committed to supporting a child, they will receive a detailed profile of the child they are supporting along with quarterly progress reports. This profile will consist of the child's name, a recent photo, description of the child's background and basic information, academic standings, and hobbies and interests.


Once a sponsor has committed to supporting a child, that child will be informed of the sponsorship. We highly encourage direct correspondence between the child and the sponsor so that the sponsor my become familiar with the child and receive direct updates from them. If for some reason, due to age or otherwise, direct correspondence is not possible, HOPAD administration will act as a mediator between the child and the sponsor.


Progress Report

In addition to the child's direct correspondence with their sponsor, the HOPAD administration will also send the sponsor three progress reports per year. These reports coincide with the children's academic calendar as to fully tract all aspects of the child's development, both academically and socially.


The sponsorship covers comprehensive care facility including the educational, medical, rehabilitation, lodging, Food and other extracurricular activities, uniforms and boarding charges daily all kinds of expenses.

Full Sponsorship

A full sponsorship covers all comprehensive care costs including educational fees, medical fees, food, lodging, and extracurricular fee. The cost to support a child for an entire year on average is 81,000 NRS (900EURO or 1,200USD). This breaks down to only 266NRS (2.50EURO or 3.00USD) a day. At HOPAD, we understand that this is not a very economically prosperous time in many places in the world. We encourage all people who feel moved to help our children to do so regardless of how much money they have to donate. Any amount lets the children know you care and that's all that matters. However, to qualify to receive quarterly reports and to be considered a sponsor, donors should contribute at least 27,000NRS (250EURO or 325USD) per year to go towards a child's food and education.  


Education Sponsorship

An education sponsorship covers all school expenses which include Eris Academy tuition, exam fees, educational materials, and school uniforms. The cost to academically support a child for one year on average is 28,800NRS (265EURO or 340USD) or 2,400NRS per month (22EURO or 29USD).  Please note that a sponsor can choose to support a child within the HOPAD Children's House Program or a child in need outside of the HOPAD Children's House Program. In past years, HOPAD has supported upwards of 100 children educationally outside of the HOPAD Children's House Program.  


Becoming a Sponsor

Once you've decided you want to sponsor a HOPAD child, let us know! Send a letter to info@hopadcwps.org.np  showing your interest and we'll promptly get the sponsorship process underway. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Click here for more information of the payment process.


*Please note that HOPAD supports all children until they complete their education (Grade 12).


Payment Process

The sponsor can choose to either make one full payment each year or monthly payments throughout the year. The payment process is based on the convenience of the sponsor and should be finalized with the HOPAD administration. Monthly payments should be made the first week of each month unless set up differently with HOPAD administration. If for some reason a payment will be missed or late, please inform HOPAD as soon as possible.  



Yearly or monthly payments can be sent directly to the HOPAD Child and Women's Promotion Society account:


Bank Name:                            Everest Bank Ltd.

Account Name:                       HOPAD Child and Women Promotion Society

Saving Account Number:       012 061190A

Bank Address:                       Pulchowk Branch, Lalitpur, Nepal

Swift Code:                            EVBLNPKA


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