Children's Education Program

The HOPAD Children's Education Program

The HOPAD Education Program is dedicated to providing a quality education to all the children residing in the HOPAD Children's House. All the children at the HOPAD Children's House are enrolled at Eris Academy, the local private school, where they receive a quality education.


Educational Expenses

There are currently 17 HOPAD children that attend Eris Academy in Lalitpur, Nepal. The net cost of the HOPAD Children's Education Program is based on the costs of school tuitions, exam fees, school materials, and uniforms. The table below gives the average of each field concluding with the net cost HOPAD pays to maintain the HOPAD Children's Education Program.   


Yearly Expenses

Nepali Rupees (Rs)

Eris Academy Tuition                90,000Rs

Tutor                                        72,000Rs

Exam Fees                                  6,800Rs

School Materials                       94,000Rs

College Tuition                          10,000Rs

Uniforms                                   63,000Rs

Total                                      335,800Rs

Gov. Fix Deposit (5%)*             16,790Rs

Net Total                            352,590Rs


Yearly Expenses

Euros (EUR)

Eris Academy Tuition                 834EUR

Tutor                                         667EUR

Exam Fees                                  63EUR

School Materials                        870EUR

College Tuition                            93EUR

Uniforms                                    583EUR

Total                                       3 110EUR

Gov. Fix Deposit (5%)*         155,50EUR

Net Total                       3 265,50EUR


Calculations are based on a 1EUR to 108NRs exchange rate


Yearly Expenses

US Dollars (USD)

Eris Academy Tuition              1,071USD

Tutor                                          857USD

Exam Fees                                   81USD

School Materials                      1,119USD

College Tuition                            119USD

Uniforms                                     750USD

Total                                         ,997USD

Gov. Fix Deposit (5%)*          199.85USD

Net Total                        4,196.85USD


Calculations are based on a 1USD to 84NRs exchange rate


*Nepali Law states that each program is required to leave at least 5% of the account's net total to act as emergency funds.

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