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HOPAD Children's Programs:


The HOPAD Children's House

Located in the quiet Sainbu -3, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, the HOPAD Children's House is home to the helpless, orphaned, poor, affected, and dalit children of Nepal. Children living at the HOPAD Children's House range in age from newborns to young adults. The HOPAD Children's House acts a safe place where the children can receive nutritious food, good health care, a quality education, and a loving family environment. 

The HOPAD Educational Program

The HOPAD Educational Program is dedicated to providing a quality education to all the children residing in the HOPAD Children's House. All the children at the HOPAD Children's House are enrolled at Eris Academy, the local private school, where they receive a quality education. 

The HOPAD Children Sponsorship Program

The HOPAD Children Sponsorship Program allows members of the global community to sponsor a HOPAD child. The sponsor provides support that goes toward educational, material, and transportation fees. The sponsor also receives updates on the child they are sponsoring to ensure their support is being used properly. Sponsor a HOPAD Child!

The HOPAD Health Care Program

Through the HOPAD Health Care Program, the children residing in the HOPAD Children's House are able to receive both regular and emergency health care. All the children receive a general monthly check up to ensure quality personal health. 


The HOPAD Sports Program

Within the HOPAD Children's House, all children are offered the opportunity to participate and train in the following sports and activities: judo, SAMBO, football, chess, and other less formal games. For a full listing of the achievements and successes in these fields, please view the HOPAD Achievements section.


The HOPAD Children's Festival Program

The HOPAD Children's Festival Program gives the children of the HOPAD Children's House Program the opportunity to celebrate the most sacred of Hindu days along with the all the rest of the practicing Hindu population around the world. Although The HOPAD Children's Festival Program fund the celebration of all Hindu festivals, a large amount of the program funds are used during the Dashain and Tihar festivals that span from mid October to mid November.


The HOPAD Children's House Construction Program

In five years time, HOPAD's aim is to expand our programs to reach more children of Nepal. The HOPAD Children's House Construction Program is dedicated to creating safe, family environments in which poor and needy children can receive food, shelter, and an education. HOPAD is currently raising funds for this program so that another children's home can be constructed in a location outside of Kathmandu. 


The HOPAD Academy Construction Program

HOPAD has a vision of a nongovernmental school that will educate children whether or not they have the means to pay. All children will be welcomed and given the opportunity to receive a quality education. Family will be encouraged to give what they can but in the end is about the children and not money.


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