How to Support HOPAD

Due to the larger, diverse number of programs HOPAD offers, it's easy to find a program that calls to an individual and allows them to support from the heart. Supporting a HOPAD program is not only simple, but it makes you feel good.


The first step in supporting HOPAD is by sharing us with others. The more support we have, the less work each individual had to do. Many hands make light work. So be sure to share HOPAD with your friends and family. Next, look through the list of programs below and find a program that best suits you. There are many programs within the HOPAD Children's Programs, the HOPAD Women's Programs, and the HOPAD Volunteer Program to choose from. Finally, read up on the program and see how you can lend a hand. Whether your support is in the form of money donation, clothing, food, toys, books, or even your time, it is all welcome in any quantity.


Programs to Support

HOPAD Children's Programs:

The HOPAD Children's House Program

The HOPAD Educational Program

The HOPAD Children Sponsorship Program

The HOPAD Health Care Program

The HOPAD Sports Program

The HOPAD Children's Festival Program

The HOPAD Children's Entertainment Program

The HOPAD Children's House Construction Program

The HOPAD Academy Construction Program


HOPAD Women's Programs:

The HOPAD Women's Tailoring Program

The HOPAD Women's Embroidery Program


HOPAD Volunteer Program:

The HOPAD Volunteer Program


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