HOPAD Volunteer Program


The HOPAD Volunteer Program

The HOPAD Volunteer Program welcomes national and international personal and organizational volunteers to participate in the many facets the HOPAD programs have to offer. Volunteers can offer their abilities in all the HOPAD programs in addition to teaching, counseling, medical and community aid, and other social programs.


The Need for National/International Volunteers

HOPAD encourages national and international volunteers to spend time and offer their abilities to HOPAD programs for a number of beneficial reasons. The most prominent benefit of volunteering with HOPAD is cultural exchange. Nepal is a very culturally driven, diverse country. Regardless if the volunteer is from Nepal or not, they are bound learn something new culturally about that region during their stay. Another great benefit to volunteering is having the ability to share with those around you. Volunteers can share knowledge, first person insights into their home country, language, and even small souvenirs from where they're from. The volunteer naturally receives all the same in return, for cultural emersion is a constant give and take learning process.


Volunteer Service at HOPAD

At HOPAD, we can honestly say that working with volunteers and organizations is both and culturally and spiritually rewarding process for us. Volunteers always help us in many ways; by teaching our children, telling us about their culture, introducing us to their festivals, and even working with the administration to create fundraising programs and planning for future HOPAD programs.


How to Volunteer at HOPAD

The first step to becoming a volunteer at HOPAD has already been done by visiting our website. All an aspiring volunteer must do now is fill out the volunteer application located in the download section and send it to info@hopadcwps.org.np along with a recent CV and disclaimer. After receiving the application, HOPAD with review the candidate's information and promptly inform them whether they have been accepted.


Volunteer testimonies

If you want to know more about what it's like to volunteer at HOPAD, please check out our blog https://nepaliorphan.wordpress.com/. You will find volunteer testimonies and a description of the daily life.

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