How HOPAD Helps

How HOPAD Helps

The Personal Touch

HOPAD is dedicated to creating and maintaining face to face relationships with all members and supporting members of all the HOPAD programs. HOPAD believes that by having personal relationships with all involved in HOPAD programs we can create an environment that is friendly and where all voices can be heard. This way, the HOPAD programs will naturally be as effective and efficient as possible. HOPAD is also directly responsible for all elements within each program. This means that there is no middle man or government involvement when it comes to program use of money or materials.


Creating Futures

By creating a stable, loving, family environment within the Children's and Women's programs, HOPAD is able to successfully rehabilitate women and children so they may thrive later in life. Within HOPAD's Women's and Children's Programs, HOPAD is not only giving women and children an education and a means to continue living. HOPAD also creates an opportunity to for women and children to become loving, successful, active members of society.


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    Shishir is an energetic and curious, if sometimes mischievou
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    Sima is a beautiful, peace loving, kind individual. Her mous