Vision, Mission, and Goals

The HOPAD Vision, Mission, and Goals


The Vision

At HOPAD, we believe that in life, all humans have the same basic rights. Every child has the right to nutritious food, good health, a loving home, and a quality education. Likewise, every woman has the right to a quality education, valuable training in skilled labor fields, and equal opportunity in the work force.


The Mission

HOPAD plays an instrumental role as an agent of social change to empower Nepalese women and children. By providing a quality education, good health, a loving family environment, and sustainable training programs, HOPAD increases the capacity to succeed among Nepalese women and children and ensures a prosperous future.


The Goals

Within five years time, the HOPAD Children's Program strives to have their own residency that will accommodate 100 children. Along with a new larger home, HOPAD will also open their own school that will have the capacity to sponsor 2500 children with the purpose of receiving a quality education. Children with the means to pay for schooling would be asked to do so; however the aim of the school is not money but providing the children of Nepal with a quality education. Thus, children unable afford schooling would also have access to HOPAD Academy.


Likewise, within the next five years, the HOPAD Women's Program strives to have ongoing, sustainable women's skill training courses to offer to the helpless and marginalized women of Nepal. This will allow for a constant flow of women in need to pass through the courses and begin sustaining themselves independently.


Finally, HOPAD will establish branch offices in other, more remote locations in Nepal. This will allow HOPAD to develop more programs that can be tailored to the needs of specific women and children based on their region and needs. These will also extent HOPAD's reach, giving aid to a larger number of women and children in Nepal.



HOPAD had just recently purchase a piece of property in the Midwest Region of Nepal. This property will act as the foundation for the future site of the HOPAD Children's Program home and school initiative. It also takes a step towards connecting our Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal branch with other regions of Nepal.


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